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What's Triple Play?

In telecommunications, triple play service is a marketing term for the provisioning, over a single broadband connection, of: two bandwidth-intensive services, broadband Internet access and television, and the latency-sensitive telephone.

In short words it stands for the combine services of: TV + INTERNET + HOME PHONE


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What's the benefit of getting Triple Play?

You SAVE MONEY and you get a lot of cool features within your services In some companies they provide a faster Internet Speed, more Cable Channels(in some cases Premium Channels) and phone service with awesome features and the best of all is that is offered at a very convenient price.

Cable and Internet companies have different promotions and deals all the time. You can get a better service(more Internet Speed or TV Channels) with an even better price. In some cases we have saved our customer up to 50% in their monthly bill.

Cable - TV

Get up to 50% savings on your cable bill.

High Speed Internet

Faster Internet and save 50% on Monthly Bill


Great savings on home phone service.

Okay, so how do i know if Triple Play is available in my Area?

Simple, just give us a phone call right now to 1-800-988-5060. We can check which providers are available in your area and what promotions and deals they have at the moment.

Which companies offer Triple Play?

Triple-play services in the United States are offered by cable television operators as well as by telecommunication operators, who directly compete with one another. Some of the companies are:

Some of the providers we work with

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